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    I'm working on a robotics project, and am researching where I'm going to hit a particular problem... Here goes.

    So, I'm building a mobile bot that can be operated (it's a little vehicle) over the web. It'll be Arduino (or Raspberry) based, with a webcam and a wi-fi adapter transmitting the video in real-time. A user can be "patched in" to remotely control the car, driving it around a course (or maze or what have you). The idea is to have many of these mobile bots operating at once in the same location.

    The issue I'm investigating is how many of these live video feeds I can stream at once. What variables do I need to understand to know if 10 bots, for instance, can be roaming around, streaming their video at once. Or could 100? Need some help in thinking through the subject.

    Any thoughts would be helpful!

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    The first question you should ask is

    What is the minimum bandwidth required for each device (camera feed + data control rate) then add download data rate required for each connected user

    A good wifi router will have bandwidth limiting control for devices connected (or server if desired)

    A local server with a website designed for user access for robots, get a few people to connect locally and monitor data bandwidth.

    This should give you pretty good data bandwidth values

    From here it's what ever service you use to connect to the web and what it is they provide in bandwidth div by number of robots required data rates = X ... you can then fiddle around with camera rate adjustments until your happy.

    Welcome to the forum.
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  3. You will probably need a dedicated web server. Some web sites have problems streaming one feed let alone multiple feeds. Shared servers will limit you.
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