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  1. Hi. I got this DVD and it needs deinterlacing and restoring, so no matter if I apply srestore with yadif or tdeint in a sample test encode from the source, it gives me good results, no issues and etc.

    But, when I apply the very same .avs to the whole movie and encode, it gives jerky playback with lots of missing frames and at the same time duplicate frames. I just don't get it, I did try encoding various other samples taken from the source and they would give good encodes, but when again applied to the whole source it gives very bad output. I just don't get it why this happens? Why can't it work as it works on samples with the same script?

    d = last.bob(-0.2,0.6)
    crop(10, 72, -10, -72)
    Spline36Resize(700,394) # Spline36 (Neutral)
    or same, but with tdeint
    tdeint(mode=1, type=2, link=0, mthreshl=6, mthreshc=6, tryweave=false, full=true, sharp=true, denoise=true)
    Also tried both frate 24 and 23.976
    Even tried QTGMC and like always samples gives good encodes, but when applied to the whole movie it gives same bad missing/duplicate frame jerky encodes with same avs! Also tried encoding from both original vobs or demuxed to .m2v.

    I can upload a sample vob to test, but I don't know how that would help since like I said, encoded samples gives good encodes.

    Total mind*uck!
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  2. Describe the source, and how short were your samples?

    Interrupted telicine patterns will often cause this.
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  3. It's a NTSC transfer to PAL and is at 25FPS. I tried 1 minute, 3 minute and 15 minute samples. There's 5MB sample, also let me know if you're lucky to get rid of duplicate frames after switching scene without any skipping frames.
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  4. Never done one of those, but my understanding is that there are potentially tremendous and possibly non-fixable problems involved.
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  5. Add AssumeTFF() before the bob.


    I've seen the video now. A simple srestore() works better than srestore(frate=23.976,mode=2,dclip=d).
    Last edited by jagabo; 2nd Feb 2014 at 11:13.
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  6. Yeah but it works only with samples, I get same issues on trying to encode whole movie. What was AssumeTFF() supposed to do? Didn't help.
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  7. Originally Posted by rhaz View Post
    What was AssumeTFF() supposed to do? Didn't help.
    Before seeing the sample I was guessing that AviSynth was defaulting to BFF.
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  8. Simple srestore() gave me 11.988 fps.
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  9. Did you take out yadif? I meant, just change the srestore line, leave Yadif in. And, of course, you no longer need the d=... line.
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  10. Yes, that's what I did. Didn't touch Yadif and removed d= line and left simple srestore() As I remember simple srestore() never worked for me, I always had to set rate.
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  11. Originally Posted by rhaz View Post
    As I remember simple srestore() never worked for me, I always had to set rate.
    Then set the rate to 23.976.
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  12. Well yeah, that's what I was doing for last two days.
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  13. Without being able to replicate your problem it's hard to diagnose it. So the sample you provided is from a section that's messed up when you encode the entire movie?
    Last edited by jagabo; 2nd Feb 2014 at 12:39.
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  14. Yes, exactly.
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  15. If you couldn't replicate the problem from your own sample, what was the purpose of uploading the sample ?

    Try uploading a longer sample , long enough that even you can replicate the problem, and the section cut from your encode where there are problems

    srestore isn't perfect, it - will miss some matches that could have been done manually , and sometimes there are frames for which there are no solution

    But from your description it sounds like it's failing miserably ?
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  16. Well. Good news. Have no idea what was the issue, but I made it. I encoded the movie in two parts by trimming it in half using this:
    And then merged both encodes and finally got fine rip with no jerky playback, no skipping and etc.

    It's crazy why this doesn't work when encoding whole movie at once.
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