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  1. Hello,

    (flv file has been attached)

    Only the first few seconds of this flv file plays. The video stops before it plays the entire content. The file itself is 01m52s long and is 7+mb, so there are definitely more frames in it, just not sure how much of it is corrupted.

    Does anyone know a way to recover as much of the video as possible (lost audio is not an issue).

    I tried exporting into both mp4 and mpg without any success. It always came up with only the first few seconds like the original.

    Some commands I tried from the cmd prompt (Win 7) along with a few variations,

    ffmpeg -i 1.flv 2.mpg
    ffmpeg -ss 00:00:00 -i 1.flv 2.mpg
    ffmpeg -ss 00:00:40 -i 1.flv 2.mpg
    ffmpeg -ss 00:00:40 -i 1.flv 2.mpg
    ffmpeg -analyzeduration 2147483647 -probesize 2147483647 -i 1.flv 2.mpg
    ffmpeg -i 1.flv -ss 00:00:30 -t 00:00:38 -async 1 -strict -2 video_finale.mp4
    ffmpeg -i 1.flv -acodec copy -vcodec copy -g 1 output.mp4
    ffmpeg -i 1.flv -analyzeduration 2147483647 -probesize 2147483647 -acodec copy -vcodec copy -g 1 output.mp4

    Any help is appreciated.
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    • File Type: flv 1.flv (7.24 MB, 69 views)
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  2. this probably doesn't help
    flvextract and mmg both only show the same as:
    ffmpeg -i 1.flv -vcodec copy -vsync drop -r 25 -an test.mp4
    you probably need some professional forensic software (alternatively editing with a hex editor might also be possible if you know what you are doing)
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  3. Lot of corruption in that file (in more ways than one).

    You might want to check this out which is a very similar file found while browsing.
    Guess someone fixed the header.
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  4. Thank you Transporterfan, Selur for your assistance.


    Not yet tried the flvextract and mmg links but will check if those are able to give an uncorrupted flv.


    Good find on that file with the headers fixed.

    You're right about the corruption!

    Are there any recommended hex editor reading or software for fixing flv headers? That corruption happens infrequently with flv files (probably on an assumption of when networks slow down).

    Alternatively they could be uploaded on here for advice but that may be too much effort on the forum members.
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