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  1. Hi Guys
    Firstly I am a newbie to the forums, so go easy on me

    I decided to start ripping blu rays I own to to watch when I am on holiday so purchased leawo blu ray ripper ( I am sure its not everyones choice, but there was an offer on so took the plunge). Yesterday, I ripped 3 discs happily and then went to do another this morning and got an error when I click on the open disc saying.
    "Failed to get information from server, please make sure your internet connection is ok (-68)" with a space for my email, which I then enter and it goes back to the main screen.

    This happens every time, and with discs that I did yesterday, so its not the drive. I have internet connection (obviously as I am posting here )

    This to me looks like it contacts a server every time I stick a disc in, which seems ridiculous as I can never rip a disc offline (which I am for most of the time).

    I have emailed them, but nothing back yet, I am very frustrated and am a few hours away from asking for a refund as the software is not fit for purpose.

    Can anyone help or advise

    Kind Regards

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    We are only using dvdfab and anydvd to rip blurays here. They are often updated and they have good forum support.
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    My guess is that Leawo requires an Internet connection to either check for updates or to make sure that only those who have paid for the software can use it.

    There is one thing I have read about this product that is troubling. The author of makemkv, another Blu-Ray ripper/converter posted a message in his forum warning that Leawo's Blu-Ray Ripper is an unlicensed re-package of his software with a different user interface.
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