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    - Added support for H.264 (including Hi10P) multi-threaded video decoding when software decoder on CPU is used
    - Added ability to play external audio track with videos
    - Added support for video playback of SageTV recordings
    - Added unified buffering capability to video and overlay renderers for all internal players
    - Upgraded FFmpeg (libavcodec and libavformat) audio/video codec and demuxer libraries to FFmpeg 1.2 (rev e820e3a)

    How can I use it. I don't find any option to do this.

    Please help me
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  2. anybody?
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  3. no XBMC user in this forum?
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  4. Help ??
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  5. I don't see any option play external audio track with video
    maybe its will be in final release

    You can get better answer in Xbmc forum:
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  6. Thank you
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