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    I have a Panasonic video camera and I am having trouble connecting to my laptop with Windows XP as the operating system. I have no disc for drivers and software transfer. I have connected from the AV port to the computer using a program I purchased from J-CAR but it refuses to download the drivers from the disc. A message pops up saying if you continue this software is not registered and does not have a registered number, if you continue you could cause damage to your computer if not straight away it could happen in the future. In frustration I accepted the software and a pop-up appeared saying it will not download to Windows XP even though it says so on the package and in the instructions. The program is by Digitech and called Convert VHS tapes to DVD. I was told it would work on the mini dvd tapes as well. Can anyone assist me as I have had no luck in obtaining an installation disc from Panasonic, USA, China or even Russia and in particular here in Australia.
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  2. what do you need any drivers for, that camera shoots very high bitrate digital video onto a tape.

    the only way you can do anything with the video on that camera is to connect the camera to your pc using a FIREWIRE cable from the firewire port on that camera to the firewire port on your laptop (if it has one) and transfer the Dv-Avi video from the camera tape to your hdd on your pc, ready to convert it to mpeg2, then burn to dvd.

    you also need a small transfer program that will assist with the transfer to your pc.

    download it here, and follow the instructions.

    you then need to find a program that will convert your Dv-Avi video from your hdd to a dvd compliant mpeg2 file, then auhor it to a dvd disc if you want to.

    there are lots of guides in here that tell you how to convert the DV-Avi video to dvd format.

    if your laptop has no firewire port you need to find one that does.
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