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  1. When in full screen mode, I have to move my mouse to the bottom before PotPlayer unhides the play/pause menu. How can I unhide the play/pause menu simply when I move mouse?
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    I've never heard of any player having that feature (which I'm not sure would be much of a feature) and I doubt potplayer is any different.
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  3. Both VLC and Windows Media Player have that feature.

    It just unhides the play/pause controls when you move the mouse when in full screen mode.
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    I prefer PotPlayer to keep the trackbar hidden and not be triggered by accidental mouse movements (especially when Full-screen). I think most people learn the keyboard shortcuts and learn to love not having Pop-ups. If you really need to see the time remaining (and can't be bothered moving the mouse down) then use the [Scroll Lock] or [Shift Tab] key functions - which can be reassigned.
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