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  1. Hope I am posting this in the right place, if not bare with me and I do apologize. Honestly this is not a major issue but kind of scratching my head as to why this one certain artifact becomes present in some of my BLURAY backups and not all. I have also noticed this present on some of the original disc playbacks so starting to consider this is just an issue with my hardware or may even just be a terrible compression in my retail discs I purchased.

    I will post a pic at the end that kind of points out the artifact I am seeing but mainly its this ring like aura that is not actually on edges but more or less persists in darker scenes and tends to show up on the middle of walls in the background. Gives it a definite computerized look. While most I point it out to never notice it unless I point it out, I happen to have the luck of being just one of those people who can notice off things visually and this artifact sometimes will catch my eye and ruin my experience watching movies.

    Here is my setup, I am taking purchased Blurays I own, have them stored on a WD MY BOOK STUDIO EDITION II 6tb. I run them through DVDfab (am thinking of switching to Aiseesoft Blu-Ray Ripper soon. I do a M2TS PASSTHROUGH.....strip everything out but the main movie for storage reasons but I leave the movie completely untouched, no compression and set on BD50 so there should not be any compression artifacts showing up. I do this to keep the disc more as a storage back up so they are not worn down and expand the life use. I am on an i3 Core Duo Dell laptop at the moment with 4gb of ram soon to be adding 4 more. I run this through XBMC with MPC-HC as the external player but can not run DXVA due to only have INTEL HD GRAPHICS internal with no way to upgrade the graphics card (DXVA tends to now in then cause MACROBLOCKING on bright light scenes so I have that off but overall playback as long as all processes are off in the background is a smooth situation) Now I am only using USB for the external drive but an eSATA cable actually will arrive in the mail later today, sort of wondered if that is an issue but not sure how bandwidth could effect why some scenes in random files do this. Oh, I am outputting at the moment to a 32" 720p VIZIO HDTV via HDMI output from the laptop.

    Basically I just need to know if this is either the software I am using causing this, if its the ripper, media player settings or hardware...kind of rule out hardware due to it playing so fluent motion wise but maybe I am wrong to rule that one out. Best way I can describe this artifact is like a random transparent cirlce...sometimes wavy or half circles that kind of move in size as the scene moves. Most obvious time I seen this was in a film and it showed a streetlight, and around that streetlight was bands of this artifact kind of like a halo. Its not edge enhancement type issues either, I know all that too wall with my old crappy SHARP AQUOS 60"....I keep all that off. Any help or idea what I am babbling on a help. Its not as if this is a deal breaker to watch films but my anal ways about visuals does tend to erk me when I notice this random

    Below are the best Screenshots of what I am seeing, not sure if any of you will notice or see it but look next the hands on the lower left corner on the wall, that is where I see the issue....circled it as best as I could in the follow up pic.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Untitled.png
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ID:	23236Click image for larger version

Name:	Untitled2.png
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ID:	23237

    YOU CAN REALLY SEE IT IN THIS ONE, look to the bottom left next to the guy...what causes something like that in perfect 1:1 backups...this just how it is in some retail discs?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Artifact.png
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Size:	551.6 KB
ID:	23238
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  2. Those are posterization artifacts. All 8 bit lossy compression schemes suffer from it. In fact, even uncompressed 8 bit (per channel) video suffers from it a bit. The more noise there is in a video the less it's visible.
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  3. So I take it this is just an issue from the manufacturer and nothing I can really do about it other than mask it with say the tv settings to blur the pic with Noise Reduction and so on ? My girl is all about me getting past this one but I just can't deal with it when I notice these things....drives me up the I keep telling myself hey you ripped it pure so its just how it is but I guess I am anal about how my pic looks and movie sounds.

    I googled this posterization artifacts....did read on one page but not sure if its true that onboard graphics tends to do this and DXVA should help but I am with the issue of INTEL HD GRAPHICS chipset not liking the DXVA setting on....sometimes it will do this psychedelic macroblocking smear with all kinds of colors in movies and a much more ugly issue than posterization artifacts
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  4. by the way JAGABO....thank you for giving me the name for this issue....I been googling it and googling it for a day and didn't know the term for it. That helps a lot so appreciate that
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  5. Originally Posted by SteveFla78 View Post
    So I take it this is just an issue from the manufacturer and nothing I can really do about it other than mask it with say the tv settings to blur the pic with Noise Reduction and so on ?
    Noise reduction will make the problem worse, not better -- unless done with 10 bit (more more) precision.
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  6. Got ya Jagabo......kind of why I leave it off....I don't like the blur effect anyways and figured it do more harm than good. Luckily this only pops up usually on lower budget films or the occasional big budget ones that seemed rushed out with its bluray releases. The FRIDAY THE 13th remake is one I see this horrible on...least with my copy. You can even tell its a rushed job cause the file size is half what most films are
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