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  1. hi

    i just updated mine Asus O!Play BDS-700 to the latest firmware and that gave me more problems then that it solves

    i dont axpect that asus will release an other firmware so your stuck with this shit

    i read on the net that there is a cfw for the Asus O!Play BDS-700 that solves most of the problems
    but i have been searching and searching and i cant find it

    does someone know where you can get cfw for the Asus O!Play BDS-700

    i would appreciate it
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  2. You can always try putting the old firmware back on the unit. I don't know about any custom firmwares though. I have an Asus O!play Air which is okay, but customer support is not very good.

    Here is a link to Asus forums for your bds700!Play+BDS-700
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