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    Hello every one ......

    When I add logo to video and encode it by MeGUI, the MeGUI use only from 40-50 % from CPU, Also I set the number of threads "8"
    this is screenshot for encoding
    Click image for larger version

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    and this is the logo file
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  2. x264's optimal thread count for highest CPU usage is 1.5*logical threads, or 12 in your case. It should be calculate by default without setting threads manually

    You might have other filter bottlenecks, like overlay . Post your avs script and encoding settings
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  3. If filtering is the bottleneck, I often encode a video in two halves simultaneously, then join them together when they're done. That way between them they keep the CPU working pretty hard. Just make sure to check "stitchable" in the x264 encoder configuration (under the Misc tab) so you won't have an issue appending the two output files together with MKVMergeGUI (assuming you're wanting MKV).

    It's easy enough to do. I usually make note of a frame number somewhere near the middle which is at the end of a scene (so the second half is encoded from the first frame in a new scene), make a copy of the script, then add Trim() to each script so each one encodes half the video.

    ie If the video had 100,000 frames, I'd add something like this to the end of the first script. Frame number 50258 would be the first frame of a new scene.

    Trim(0, 50257)

    and this to the end of the second script (the copy):

    Trim(50258, 100000)

    Or you could add this to the end of the second script instead.

    Trim(50258, 0) # Encodes from frame number 50258 to the last frame.

    Then I add them both to the job queue and run them at the same time, finally appending the two output files together with MKVMergeGUI.
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    this is the script
    FFVideoSource("E:\OSN\Wadi.Al.The2ab.S07.HDTV.1080\Valley.Of.The.Wolves.S07.EP19.HDTV.10", threads=8)

    LoadPlugin("C:\Users\Mustafa\Desktop\MeGUI_2\MeGUI \tools\avisynth_plugin\VSFilter.dll")
    TextSub("E:\OSN\logo\shabab.ass", 1)
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