OK so I'm finally making more videos and I got to a point where I need to start editing. I had a chance to work on iMac 27" and I have to say it's nice and comfortable to work on a 27 screen.

My current home setup is regular PC with GT 440 graphics and (only) 1 monitor, 23" LG IPS flatron. Not quite high-tech-pro I know

I want to get another monitor for two reasons

1. More workspace
2. Easier workflow - editing on monitor 1, preview on monitor 2

So I hope I explained my situation. The things that absolutely confuse me are color spaces, gamuts, luts, bits, rec 709's and calibrations.

I know all the info is out there on Google but there is such overload of info I really feel afraid of going thru such vast amount of info that probably won't be the most useful to me later down the line.

All I want to know is;

If my budget is around ~500 $, what monitor should I get and what's the best way to calibrate it? X-Rite seems to be the go-to brand from what I've read so far.

I will be doing videos for web mainly, if that matters for calibration.

Trivia question - how drastic of a difference in color representation would be if I took my "for web" graded footage and have it displayed on some local broadcast network? Is it really that much of a difference?

Thanks anyone for some answers, please stay concise and thanks for helping