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    I have a Sony HDR SR-11 that records videos into .mts files. Recently, I downloaded PotPlayer, and when I go to play the files, it has a timestamp on the bottom (a running tab of mm/d/yy & exact time), which I thought was awesome and had no idea was even available to me. Unfortunately, I want to covert all these .mts files into .wmv or similar as they take up less space and would be playable on other computers but it doesn't keep the timestamp . I use Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0 because as far as I know/knew that was the only program available to convert .mts files. Is there an option anywhere in the program to allow me to keep this timestamp viewable after conversion?

    As you can probably tell, I am a video newbie and know very little. Laymen's terms would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  2. The date and time are in the original file name and the display is a function of the mts container.
    For example, 20120927164009.MTS = 2012/09/27 16:40:09

    Converting the container or file type will disable the display.
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  3. If the time is updated/running, not static, it's probably a pgs sub stream . Many AVCHD camcorders record date/time/ (+/- GPS if applicable) . You can use avchd2srt to extract it into a .srt text file. IIRC srt can be imported into vegas . You can leave it as soft subs (not "burned into the picture, selectable on/off), but certainly many other programs can convert AVCHD can use .srt to hardcode subtitles (hardcode means a permanent overlay).

    This is the homepage of the author (it's a commandline tool)

    But there is a GUI at the end of this thread , and there are some batch scripts and instructions somewhere in the thread as well
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