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  1. Hello,
    (i'm French, sorry for my english).

    I was created a software for cut and convert videos TS (h264 and mpeg-2) to mp4. It work very well in Mpeg-2 but in h264 i have some artefacts at the location of the cuts. I cut out this video on frames that contains SPS or PPS (codes in hexa are 00 00 01 67 (SPS) and 00 00 01 68 (PPS).
    Some cuts are very perfect but some cuts have artefacts so i think all this frame are not key frames.
    On the web i have found codes like (00 00 01 X) for IDR-frame wich X is 25 ,45 or 65 but my h264 vidéos does not contains any codes like that so i'm not sure to cut on the right frame.
    Do you know how to find h264 keys frames and what are the codes to find ?

    Thank you very much for your help.
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  2. someone to help me please ?
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  3. you could run h264_parse

    see this thread, post #13, selur posted a binary
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  4. I discovered a little by accident today, the command line version of ffms index can write the location of keyframes to a text file when it's indexing. You might be able to use it to help you work out how to identify them. Or it mightn't help at all, but I thought I'd point it out.
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  5. Thank You very much, i'm going to try that.
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