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    My Equipment: I have a LG 55LN5700 LED TV, and it has only 1 audio out, which is the Digital Audio Out Optical I have a Pioneer BDP 120 Blu-Ray player, has HDMI out as well as Digital Audio Out Optical
    A Harmon Kardon 325 AVR receiver(yes it is older with no HDMI), although it has Opitcal Input

    My Dilemma:

    I have the LG mounted on wall, and just yesterday moved my Bluray Player from a cabinet(which houses my Dishnetwork satellite receiver and the Harmon Karmon AVR receiver) 15-20 feet away to a small cutout behind the LG TV so that I could plug the HDMI cord directly into the TV(as there is no way to fish it all the way thru the wall at all). I can obviously use the TV speakers for sound, but would like to be able to use my Harmon Kardon to get the sound to go the the 5 speakers system I have in the walls. Is there such a thing as a wirelss Optical connection, as I don't want to string a 25 foot optical cord from my TV/Bluray player across the family room to the Harmon Kardon receiver. (PS----not sure if the optical out cord would come from the tv or the bluray player??)
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    The cabling would be (I think) blu ray|sat receiver >> AVR receiver >> speakers.

    You do not state the available output(s) on the receiver but I guess these are standard audio connectors.
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