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  1. Hi guys,

    I found DVDFab was a quick and affordable way to rip my 3D blu-rays with decent quality. However, it will only give me one audio and one subtitle track. Is there a good way to extract more streams from the blu-ray and then add them to the mkv?

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  2. I don't use DVDFab so I've no idea if there's a way to get it to rip more than one audio and subtitle track, however.....

    Around here "ripping" is referred to as only the process of extracting the video and audio etc from the disc, so "ripping" gives you an exact copy of the original. Re-encoding the original once it's ripped to your hard drive is a separate process.
    If I remember correctly DVDFab does refer to ripping and converting as just "ripping", but does it have a real "ripping only" mode which doesn't convert? If so, does that give you more choice, or at least an option to rip the whole disc so you get everything that way? You could then use a better program to re-encode. Vidcoder or Handbrake should be fairly easy to use. From what I understand, DVDFab's re-encoding isn't particularly good, quality wise, although I've not used it myself.

    AnyDVD HD isn't free, but it'll run in the background decrypting discs (Bluray or DVD) so to a program accessing them they don't have any copy protection. For Bluray I use AnyDVD HD in combination with the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray Stream Extractor, which lets you rip exactly the streams you want losslessly (although it'll convert the audio to a different format if you tell it to). You'll end up with individual files for each, audio and subtitles etc.... which can then be muxed together into a single file or converted etc. Even if the video is re-encoded by itself, the re-encoded version can be muxed into a new file along with the extracted audio and subtitles using a program such as MKVMergeGUI.
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    I haven't used DVDFab in a long time because the recent versions appear to not allow it to be used beyond 30 days unless you buy it, so I bought AnyDVD HD some time ago. But years ago when I did use DVDFab, it extracted everything on the disc. Maybe there is some kind of option in the settings that defaults to extracting one audio and one subtitle track (perhaps just English) and you can change that to get them all.
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  4. Thanks guys - sorry for being an ignorant ass :S I tried searching the web and stuff, but couldn't find a solution. Then, when I was a little more awake, I noticed it was possible to select more than just one stream. I was absolutely sure I tried that last night. Sorry :S

    But thanks for the replies - I'm going to look at the other software, but I'll also shell out the $60 for DVDFab
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    MakeMKV is free to use for ripping blu ray, and can output straight to an mkv. You might want to look at it first before buying DVDFab. It is free only while it remains in beta, but has been in beta for years now. You would have to put in a new beta key each month or so to keep using it, but that is available at the MakeMKV forum.

    And the free section of DVDFab certainly still exists. I proved this last month.
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