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  1. Hello.I have a short movie (approximately 25 minutes) that we created
    and we need to add subtitles to this video
    I know how to code SRT file or to use subtitle workshop
    but the thing is that we will have a lot of movies and we don't have the time to code each one of their SRT files
    and yes, I've heard about the Youtube service and tried it, but unfortunately it doesn't support Arabic language
    and none of the service I have used actually support arabic
    but I just need the timing for the SRT file and I will type the transcript myself
    so I'm looking for a software that generates a SRT file with the proper timing according to the voice
    It would be helpfull even if it has a dummy text like this:

    00:00:04,540 --> 00:00:08,800

    00:00:08,820 --> 00:00:12,050

    00:00:12,677 --> 00:00:15,068

    00:00:15,069 --> 00:00:18,085

    00:00:18,736 --> 00:00:22,081

    that would be very helpful and I will edit the transcript myself

    I only need a software that automate the timing
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  2. If there were such a tool, animation fans group would have a much easier time making subs!
    The closest I know is a plugin for AviUtl that marks the beginning of a silent segment(with a least 5 frames long) and add a chapter point on it:

    You may try to hack into the source code to suite your need if you want:

    But why won't you spend the time on making the timelines while you have spent significant effort on making the transcript already?
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