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  1. I would like to simply swap out a title on a DVD without having to relocate the files and re-encode the whole DVD.
    In this example, there are just 2 titles

    and a menu

    If I author a different 2 title DVD, may I swap this set of VTS_02 files for the original on the other
    both have only three files for title 2 -

    They are both basically authored the same way.
    May I just swap them out? Or would this possibly create some compatibility or playback issue? I tested and seems ok, but I would like your opinions. - thanks
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  2. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    Are you just replacing the files?

    It might not work as expected on all players. Try instead use vobblanker and use the replace function. Click on it for some guides.
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  3. i forgot vobblanker had a replace function, thank you )
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