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    I want to rip a Thomas and Friends DVD that is NTSC 29.97fps but was originally filmed as PAL (25fps). I have handbrake for linux and windows, Staxrip, and several other programs. Getting it ripped to the hard drive was no problem. If I use the normal settings in handbrake with decomb enabled, I get duplicate frames every 6th frame. I tried detelcine and came up with 25.6fps but no duplicates. What is the best way to convert something like this. With all the UK TV shows available on DVD in the US, I'm sure it's been done but I can't seem to find out how. It will be played on a PC right now but I'd like it to be as compatible as possible.

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  2. There are many ways of converting PAL to NTSC for DVD. And there are many ways of converting back. The best way will involve AviSynth scripting. You'll need to provide a sample of the DVD VOB for further assistance. You can extract a short clip with Mpg2Cut2 or DgIndex.
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  3. Because it began life as PAL, Handbrake, because it doesn't use AviSynth, can't do it correctly. StaxRip, because it accepts AviSynth scripts as input, can handle it correctly. But, as jagabo suggested, a sample will be needed to tell what you really have.
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