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  1. I have been getting this weird flicker when i deinterlace my videos. I checked my source and it not there but after i deinterlace it is could i be qtgmc this just started happening out of nowhere and i dont know what is causing it. I thought my field oder was screwed up but after running the same video with it set to tff and bff and it still being there im just stumped i notice it around the numbers and letters on screen help me please .
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  2. you should post an unprocessed sample of the source , and the script you are currently using
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  3. Alrighty

    First pic is reencode 2nd pic is source

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Tales reencode.jpg
Views:	530
Size:	40.9 KB
ID:	22812Click image for larger version

Name:	Tales Source.jpg
Views:	590
Size:	38.9 KB
ID:	22813

    Format: MP4
    Duration: 00:09:27:933 (17038)
    VideoDecoder: DirectShowSource
    Resolution: 720x480 > 720x408
    Aspect: 1.9444 > 1.7778
    VCodecPreset: x264 Q18 HQ
    VEncodingMode: Quality
    VideoCodec: JPEG > x264
    VideoBitrate: 17952 > Q18.0
    Framerate: 30.000
    SourceType: INTERLACED
    FieldOrder: VARIABLE
    Deinterlacer: QTGMC
    AEncodingPreset: AAC-LC VBR 0.40
    AudioCodec: PCM > AAC
    AudioBitrate: 1411 > VBR
    Samplerate: 44100
    Channels: 2
    Normalize: 100%
    Accurate: 10%
    Gain: 7.354

    Import("C:\Program Files\dlls\AviSynth\functions\AudioFunctions.avs")
    Import("C:\Program Files\dlls\AviSynth\functions\VideoFunctions.avs")
    Import("C:\Program Files\dlls\AviSynth\plugins\QTGMC.avs")
    LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\dlls\AviSynth\plugins\mvtools2.dll")
    LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\dlls\AviSynth\plugins\RemoveGrainSSE2.dll")
    LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\\dlls\AviSynth\plugins\RepairSSE2.dll")
    LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\dlls\AviSynth\plugins\mt_masktools-26.dll")
    LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\dlls\AviSynth\plugins\fft3dfilter.dll")
    #LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\dlls\AviSynth\plugins\VerticalCleaner.dll")
    LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\dlls\AviSynth\plugins\nnedi3.dll")
    #LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\dlls\AviSynth\plugins\EEDI3.dll")
    #LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\dlls\AviSynth\plugins\EEDI2.dll")
    LoadCPlugin("C:\Program Files\dlls\AviSynth\plugins\yadif.dll")
    #LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\dlls\AviSynth\plugins\TDeint.dll")
    #LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\dlls\AviSynth\plugins\AddGrainC.dll")

    DirectShowSource("C:\Users\Documents\Draft\Tales Source.avi", fps=30.000, convertfps=true)

    ConvertToYV12(interlaced = true)
    QTGMC(Preset="Slow", Sharpness=0.9, FPSDivisor=2)


    Crop(20, 58, -0, -62)
    Lanczos4Resize(720, 408)


    Im thinking it may be the left crop 20 but im not a video expert so idk.
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  4. Originally Posted by ConanEdogawa View Post

    Im thinking it may be the left crop 20 but im not a video expert so idk.

    Not the crop ; because it's already been deinterlaced before the crop is applied, and the crop values are mod2 in YV12

    The status overlays of the "characters" are aliased (edges look all "jaggy") - that almost looks like a simple bob was applied, not QTGMC

    DirectShowSource() might be causing some of your issues, try replacing it with AVISource()

    If you still can't figure it out, upload an unprocessed sample of the source video
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  5. The sharpness setting in QTGMC is pretty strong. It already does some sharpening by default and if I want to sharpen more afterwards I use something else (usually LSF). I'd try leaving it off and see if the aliasing improves. Maybe it's that aliasing that you're referring to as 'flicker'.
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  6. My guess would be you have some filter applying a deinterlace in your directshow chain, before QTGMC even touches it

    The 1st one is QTGMC alone, the 2nd one simulates what happens when some directshow filter deinterlaces it first . That 2nd one will flicker in motion
    Image Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

Name:	QTGMC.png
Views:	334
Size:	303.2 KB
ID:	22815  

    Click image for larger version

Name:	bob, QTGMC.png
Views:	422
Size:	283.5 KB
ID:	22816  

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  7. Hmm so directshow could be the problem i will try switching to avi source sorry about that i didn't know you meant the actual source video.I did try it a few times with sharpness off still got the same thing any way here is the source video.
    Image Attached Files
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  8. QTGMC is just getting confused (and resorting to something like a simple bob) when the picture behind the text is changing a lot.
    Last edited by jagabo; 17th Jan 2014 at 18:38.
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  9. It's actually a very good test clip .

    There are problem sections where every deinterlacer will fail or show problems. Each deinterlacer has strengths/weaknesses. There is no single deinterlacer that will work "best" here

    QTGMC will probably still produce "better results overall" . But in sections where it has problems you might replace or overlay sections with other deinterlacers with masks
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  10. Can you play and record at 720p60? That would probably be your best option.

    Here's an example of using a mask:

    AviSource("Tales Source Clip.avi") 
    mask = ImageSource("Tales Mask.png").ConvertToYV12(matrix="PC.601").Blur(1.0).Blur(1.0).Blur(1.0)
    v2=Blur(0,1.0).Sharpen(0,0.7).SelectEvery(1,0,0) # fast blend deinteralce and sharpen
    Crop(20, 58, -0, -62)
    The mask:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Tales Mask.png
Views:	403
Size:	1.7 KB
ID:	22824

    Substitute whatever alternate deinterlacer you want for v2. And you can make a more form-fitting mask.

    By the way, I think you need to set your MJPEG encoder interlaced mode.
    Image Attached Files
    Last edited by jagabo; 17th Jan 2014 at 20:58.
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  11. I usually do but i got really low on hard drive space and i had to lower things just to get by until i could compress stuff.Cool thanks for the mask ill give a go i just checked in ffd show and assumed interlaced if height wasn't checked so i did that. Trying it out now hopefully all will be well thanks for the help.
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  12. Alright i ran this clip through just about every deinterlacer and i found one that worked it's not the best but it will get the job done check it out.
    Image Attached Files
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    not to threadjack but since this thread ended up tangentially being about how various deinterlacers compare to one anothe, does anyone know of any app that uses intel's hardware QS deinterlacer?

    A's video convertor claims to support it but i've never gotten that app to work properly in any capacity on my system and i was just wondering how hardware based deinterlacers would compare to software based one.

    and yes, i have googled like a madman, i can't find any.
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  14. any app that uses intel's hardware QS deinterlacer?
    q264 and QSTranscode both can use it, but I'm not sure if QuickSyncs Decoder&Deinterlace can be used for (motion)jpeg content
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  15. FYI: a comparison with QuickSync and others

    by loading the sample clip into AviUtl, i managed to encode it with Q.Sync using internal deinterlacer.
    Another lesser-known deinterlacer, Automatic field shift, is also included here for reference.
    Image Attached Files
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