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  1. I have Windows 7 (64 bit) and I use Windows DVD Maker to create DVDs to sometimes play on TV or PC.
    I have an mpg movie (1280 x696) that plays as widescreen on the PC.
    I used several tools (Any Video Converter & WinX) to convert to AVI so I can use Windows DVD Maker to make a DVD.
    Both create a nice AVI at same aspect ratio when played on the PC.
    When I burn the DVD with Windows DVD Maker it seems to convert to 4x3.

    I have checked the settings in DVD Maker (set to 16:9) and the codecs are set to default.

    (I have used DVD Maker successfully for other movies that were already in AVI format and thus need not be converted.)

    Thoughts as to why the aspect ratio changes?
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    I'm moving you to our dvd authoring section. You are not ripping anything.

    I have never used windows dvd maker so I can't help....other than recommending an other authoring application like avstodvd(basic menu), convertxtodvd(basic menu), dvd styler, tmpgenc authoring works, etc.
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