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  1. I had copied a VHS video with a DVD recorder a year ago. Since then the video is lost and it's fairly expensive to buy a replacement copy. The DVD became unreadable, but I was able to recover all the VOB files by using a data recovery software. All other files could not be recovered. Three of the four VOB files appear to be undamaged as they load and parse successfully in VirtualDub. The first VOB in the series is damaged or corrupted. HOWEVER - this damaged VOB plays seemingly perfect with VLC Media Player. The audio track is track 3 instead of track one as in the other VOB files. The audio does not matter though, as I can simply record this with GoldWave from the WAV mapper. Below is what I've tried, but everything has failed...

    Demux/Remux process fails to even begin
    Pazara MP4 to AVI fails
    VirtualDub says "No video stream!"
    FormatFactory conversion to VOB worked the best, but dropped a ton of frames
    FormatFactory conversion to AVI dropped even more frames
    VOB2MPG just states file is damaged
    TurboVOB fails
    I believe I tried other programs long ago, but I've forgotten which ones.

    I would be grateful for any suggestions.

    Is there a way to record the output from VLC Media Player in a lossless or nearly lossless format or even an easy way to capture a series of BMP files that I could convert in Virtual Dub? Or maybe there is a good screen capture program that could capture in such a format? If so, what system requirements would this require.

    But there must be an easier way, please help. Thank you - BEN
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  2. I'd try to load the VOBs into DGIndex. Then go File->Save Project File and Demux Video. The result will be an M2V video file, the audio files, and a D2V project file you can delete. Next I'd try to reauthor using Muxman. There may be some corruption somewhere in that first VOB. I'd be more worried about the audio going out of synch somewhere, but you never know till you try.
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    Yes, you can record in vlc. Under View change to Advanced Controls. Open your video. Click on the red record button. The video is saved by default in your windows video library(for me C:\Users\Sed\Videos).

    You can also save/copy from Media->Convert Save and select your vob, click next, select dump raw input and set the destination output file.

    Both methods are lossless. No reconversion.
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  4. clicking the red record button seems to have been the best solution, I don't notice any frame drops, and quality almost lossless. thank you
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