I own MPEG Video Wizard ("MpegVW"). I'm trying to split a single MP4 (which contains a full season of episodes of an animated show) into one file per episode. One of the nice features of MpegVW is that it will scan a file an find all of the breaks where the screen goes black and sound goes silent long enough to be a break between episodes. It's fast and very accurate (few false positives and they can be manually overridden easily). It's supposed to be able to create the new files in a batch process (the MP4 Exporter), but when I try to run a batch it gives me an error (path does not exist) for every item. If I try to run one file at a time, it works.

I have 8 seasons in 8 files (average of 20 episodes per season). I need to automate this. Can someone please point me in the right direction?