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  1. Ok so there's this page and if you click on next a couple of times (three actually on the pointing finger), it asks you what song to play. I need one of those songs (Parisian Boudoir), but how can i download it? The only media file related to that page which i can find is this _index.swf, which i've analyzed its actionscript but contains no audios, or audio address information. Can i get some help here?
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  2. Not a site I would ever have thought of visiting to listen to music.

    If you use Firefox, install the DownloadHelper plugin and it will recognise the audio stream.
    It's not embedded into the SWF, I don't think. The file is called from the server via the SWF Player
    by the looks of things.
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  3. dude you're the best! I had a hard time finding a solution for it, and you've risen to the challenge. Thanks man!
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  4. You're welcome. '...risen to the challenge...'. Funny, given the site. Lol.
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