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  1. Hi!

    I'm using a Sony CCD-TRV46E to convert Hi8/Video8 tapes. Its connected via composite to a canopus ADVC110.
    Yesterday I tried to play an NTSC tape but with no luck (even after changing the settings in the menu)
    I skipped that particular tape and moved onto the next one. However, once this tape was loaded, none of the controls would work. I couldn't play/fast-forward/rewind etc. Even the buttons beside the screen do nothing. The screen itself is blue as usual but displays no icons. I can eject/load tapes no problem. Also if I switch to recording mode, everything appears to work as normal.

    I'm working for a video transfer company and this camera has been used to capture hundreds of hours of footage already.
    I just found it strange that this problem would occur so suddenly and without warning.

    Does anyone know what the issue may be?
    Has anyone encountered something similar before?

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    You're sure your PAL camera plays NTSC tapes? They usually don't.
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  3. Originally Posted by zoobie View Post
    You're sure your PAL camera plays NTSC tapes? They usually don't.
    No they don't usually. However there's a setting within the menu (of this particular model) where you can change the playback to NTSC 4.43. We had used this function to transfer some NTSC tapes in the past
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