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    I know that there are tons of discussions on this subject but this one may be different.

    I have just returned from a snowboarding trip during which I was wearing a helmet cam recording to a 64gb micro sd card. All seemed to be recording fine until the 3rd day (with all the best stuff) when I took a nasty fall and banged my head and camera. For the next 2 days all seemed to be capturing as normal but, on my return home, I am unable to play any files since the crash. The AVI's all vary between 1.8 and 3gb.

    Anyone ever had this problem before or know how I may be able to recover the files? I really want to show off my tricks (and tumbles)!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Open the problem files using gSpot or MediaInfo and verify if the files are readable and display proper specs/codecs.
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