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  1. Hello,
    I'm a newbie. Here is my problem. I just purchased a Diamond one touch video capture devise. VC500 I want to save many home VHS videos. The Driver and Software downloaded fine. When hook it up the VCR to my laptop (windows 7), I open the ArcSoft program. When I hit the capture button, the integrated webcam keeps opening. This prevents me from capturing the video.
    Any help please. Thank You!!
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  2. Diamond one touch has a forum. Have you tried their first? Doesn't one touch come with it's own software? Use that, not arcsoft to transfer video to your hard drive.
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    Go into the arcsoft settings and set the diamond one touch as your capturing device,it's using your webcam by default.
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  4. I think they started including some ArcSoft thing too, but yeah there's also the One Touch Video software.

    Better yet, capture using VirtualDub and encode to your DVD format or whatever using HcEnc etc.
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  5. One Touch does have software called EzGrabber. Have that installed also. Just getting a black screen. I did change my capturing device to the arcsoft video capture. Still not working. I will try the Diamond One Touch forum. Thanks guys.
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  6. Did you also ensure the input was set to composite instead of S-Video, or vice-versa?
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