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  1. Hi ,

    I was following a guide on how to burn movies to a dvd using AVStoDVD. I follow all the steps , and i got a winrar file , called DVD_0.iso . When i tried to burn it to my dvd Windows had a error. Here is the data :
    Complete name : C:\Users\Alexander\Desktop\DVD\DVD_0.iso
    Format : ISO 9660
    File size : 4.36 GiB

    It has VIDEO and AUIDO folders inside. If someone could just tell me how to burn it to a DVD without having any errors , that would be great.

    My DVD'S are DVD+R.
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    Just burn the ISO file with ImgBurn.
    OR....extract the VIDEO_TS folder from the ISO image and burn that with ImgBurn.
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  3. Originally Posted by hech54 View Post
    Just burn the ISO file with ImgBurn.
    Works wonderfully ! Thank you !
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