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    Is there a way to get BDRB to run on Windows 7?
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    It works on Windows 8 also.

    Read the first page of the bugs thread at doom9: Install the auxiliary programs and use the Inspect.exe tool included with the program.

    If all else fails, read a guide or two. There should be one here at Videohelp. And there is one at MyCE too.
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  3. Sure, I'm running it on Win7 64-bit.

    It's just a matter of visiting the developer's website and downloading the versions of Avisynth, Haali, and ffdshow tested and verified to work with BDRB. Though chances are good it will work with other versions (I'm using a later version of ffdshow required by RipBot).

    Once you've installed the 3 needed programs, right-click the BDRB icon and select run as administrator. BDRB will offer to configure everything for you. Click yes, done.

    [EDIT] Kerry, you beat me to it this time.
    Pull! Bang! Darn!
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