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    New here and need help:

    I want to buy a camcorder for sports analysis such as a golf swing. I used to have a camcorder with a tape which was great because it played back on its own screen either 1 frame at a time or 1/5 or 1/2 speed and also x1, x2, ,5, x10 and x20. However, when I went to buy a new camcorder that uses SD cards I could not find any that do this or at least that is what the guys in a couple of large retailers said but not sure they really knew their stuff. They said that some camcorders can record in slow motion but you cannot play back these at normal speed.

    I have been told that normal cameras that have a video function would actually be a better bet than a dedicated camcorder which seems a bit strange if it is true.

    So can anyone here help please, and tell me if the function exists on the latest camcorders? Please note it has to be able to play back at the desired speeds on its built in screen?
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  2. Most Sonys will do frame advance plus some variations on slow speeds, but if your needs are as specific as you said you're going to have a difficult time. (I suspect Canon and Panasonic will work the same way, but I don't have any around to try.)
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