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  1. I see a blurred narrow horizontal line at the bottom of my videos taken on a Sony Hi8 camcorder. It's present in all 6 of the movies that I captured. However, when I capture using the camera instead of playing a tape, the line is gone. Is it just due to a dirty head? Is there a way to get rid of it?
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    It's not a dirty head, it's head switching noise. It can be easily masked out if you're
    converting to DVD (for example). It always shows in this kind of analog tape system , Hi8, VHS, etc,etc.
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    In all my old Hi8 video footage I have the same issue. Newer MiniDV footage do not have it.

    You can crop your video in post production or just leave it.
    See this line as an evidence of past technology
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  4. If there's nothing that I can do to remove it, no problem, I'll just leave it. I found this interesting:
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