I currently have ripped & encoded my dvd & blu-ray collection so I have not only a full digital backup but also can keep my discs in a never used condition. I use AnyDVDHD to rip my discs to the computer.
TsMuxer to demux the file,
RipBot264 or Handbrake to encode to MKV video file only.
MKVmerge to Mux the encoded video and Audio. (Dont ask why i dont just encode the audio too

At Christmas me and the mrs treated ourselves to a 50" 600hz Samsung 3D Tv along with 5 3D BDs.

What do I require to rip the 3D blu-rays to the computer and what program do I need to encode the file.
Is there such thing as a 3D MKV? Or another 3D format, The file size is not an issue for me.

I use a Popcorn Hour to watch my collection if this helps and it says it plays MKV3D so thought id give and ask on here.

cheers guys i appreciate your help