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  1. Greetings,

    I've recently purchased a used Sony DSR-PD170 DVCAM. I believe the camera to be in good condition. However, I'm noticing contradictions with brands of tape that I use. Initially, I had been using Panasonic MiniDV tapes with success. However, the camera doesn't record to Sony's MiniDV tapes at all. The results are just blank! As you can imagine, I was freaked-out when I saw nothing on a pro-bono job I did. Is there a camera mode that I'm not aware of? I'm new to videography and would like some direction about the type of tape brands I should steer away from. I'm taken a-back with this issue because I'm using a Sony camera and experiencing problems with a Sony tape product. Or, maybe I simply need to be educated more about how to use my camera. Some direction is greatly appreciated!

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    Different brands use different methods of lubrication. However, I think you better have your used cam checked out. It may simply have a loose connection.
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  3. Look for a DVCam/DV switch. It's a shame to use such cheap-ass tapes on such a classic old camera though. You'll get reduced PQ due to flaking and reduced head life due to inferior lubricants.
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  4. Lubricants? Lubricants used in the tape? Pardon my ignorance but are you saying both these tape brands are inferior? What tapes do you recommend I purchase for use in this camera?

    And yes, I will have my camera looked at by a repair shop in NYC.
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  5. Get Sony DVCam professional tapes (Sony Professional HDV tapes are the same thing.). They are more expensive and more rugged and designed for reliability.
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    lubricants are used on the outside of the tape. there are 2 types - dry and wet. different manufacturers use whatever they want. but if you use a dry lube tape after a wet lube tape or vice versa you make a mess on the heads that can clog them. buy a head cleaner tape and use it then buy a good brand/model tape and always use the same one.

    one of my favorites is panasonic pq (professional quality) ay-dvm63pqus
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  7. I'm not finding a "DVCam/DV switch" on the DSR-PD170 camera. Where should I be looking?

    I think I'm gonna try the Mini DV Tape: AY-DVM63PQUS. The DVCAM tape is very expensive! Thanks for the prompt replies. I'll post my results after further testing.

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  8. Originally Posted by macphoto View Post
    I'm not finding a "DVCam/DV switch" on the DSR-PD170 camera. Where should I be looking?
    In the menu settings.
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  9. Yes, I found the menu setting and tried switching. Unfortunately this Sony type tape won't record in the camera. I'm just gonna return the tapes for the Professional Panasonic brand. Thanks for everyone's help. Really!

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