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  1. Greetings to all

    I have two subtitles.
    One that is correct, in english,
    and the other (greek) that is out of sync and the sentences don't match those of the english subtitles.
    I mean that, they are not 1-1: some sentences match while others are not in the greek subtitle at all
    or take two lines in the english and in greek they take one line.

    english subtitle
    phrase 1

    phrase 2


    greek subtitle
    phrase 1

    phrase 2, 1st part

    phrase 2, 2st part
    Is there a tool to load the two subtitles side by side
    (something like the Subtitle Edit feature: File>open original file(translator mode))
    and then split/merge/insert lines in the greek subtitle only
    so that the greek sentences then match to the english ones?

    If I can manage this,
    then I can do a File>import timecodes
    from the english subtitle
    to the "aligned" greek
    and it will be in sync.

    Thank you
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  2. I found it:
    it's in Subtitle edit (translation mode):
    right click on a subtitle>Column>Insert/delete text and shift cells up/down.

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