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  1. So I got my daughter a Kindle Fie HD for Christmas and when I transfer a movie from my PC to it, the Kindle does not show the title of the video, just an image from the first few seconds of the film (example: a Disney movie will show an image of the castle that opens all Disney films. I want to add a title screen at the beginning of each video file to quickly identify them, how do I do this?.

    P.S. I use Handbrake for converting the files to a smaller size.
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  2. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    It's not that simple without reconverting the entire video and that is not worth it.

    Some editors has a so called smart rendering that only reconverts the start title you add but as I have no idea what video you are working on I can't recommend any software. So give more information.

    Or convert a still picture with sound to exact same specs as your video and join without reconverting. With for example avidemux. But it may cause sync issues, complex to match your video source...
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  3. Mod Neophyte Super Moderator redwudz's Avatar
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    I think the Kindle Fire only accepts .mp4 types of video. What you might try is adding a subtitle stream with the video name to the beginning seconds of the video file when encoding with Handbrake. I use VidCoder instead. It's a front end for Handbrake and makes the program much easier to use.

    It looks like Handbrake can import .srt types of subtitles and those are easy enough to create in a program like Windows Notepad. No idea about how Kindle displays subs, but it would the easy solution if it works.
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  4. Handbrake can only softcode SRT subtitles.

    Try creating an ASS/SSA subtitle with with the title of the video using Aegissub for the duration of the "Disney Castle". Mux it with your source video using MKVMergeGUI and use this as input to Handbrake. Under the Subtitle add the ASS/SSA subtitle and select Burn-in. (Handbrake can only use ASS/SSA when muxed in the source)
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  5. what you want is some kind of application on your Android that acts like video jukebox

    one application is called xbmc, you install it and it should create those icons for you, the way it works is, you start the app and then look for your title you want to watch it should find icons for you from web by the title

    xbmc for Android is at beta version now, and it might be difficult for you to install it on Kindle Fire, it is not going to be available at official on-line Kindle store for now I guess

    just giving info what you should look into, maybe there is other apps that do the same ...
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