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  1. I want use rtmpdump to playbacks stream in my program (exactly in QWidget). RTMPdump.exe is separate program. I run it from my program:
    QProcess* process = new QProcess();
    QString program = "rtmpdump -r rtmp:// -f WIN 11,9,900,152  -p -o stream.flv";
    It works but rtmpdump.exe output directs the stream to file "stream.flv". I wanna use RTMPdump.exe output directs to my program, but i don't know Can I do that. My program is run when i open RTMPdump.exe by QProcess... How I can direct rtmpdump.exe output to running my program?
    Maybe u know how compile rtmpdump.cpp then will be easier...
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  2. Haven't used librtmp and I'm not sure if it helps you, but has precompiled librtmp libraries for different systems, also there's RTMPDump C++ source code for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.
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  3. Thank you for reply, I decide to use librtmp library. It works. It save stream to file. I think video is save to const char * buffer and next to file. Can u tell me I can play this buffer use libvlc (i think from memory)? Can I play stream without save it on hard disk, and play from path to this file?
    In rtmpdump can do this "-o 'path to VLC'" but in libvlc i don't know how I can do that
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  4. Can't help you with libvlc, but is an example where Qt is used with libvlc, <ou probably would have to write into a buffer and read from that buffer, in theory it should be possible, see:
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  5. With use libvlc in QT i don't have problem, but i have problem with integrate librtmp with libvlc :/
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  6. If you can read with librtmp into a buffer and with libvlc from a buffer, I don't see the problem,... also can't vlc itself kind of replace librtmp ?
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  7. I'm not sure of librtmp reads to Buffor but can u tell me how read by libvlc from a buffeR?
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  8. Like I wrote: nope, no experience with libvlc, but looking at the threads I linked to imen seems to be a good starting point.
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