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  1. Hello everyone,

    A newer enthusiast here, and still definitely a newb. I'm just trying to optimize my setup using what we know works best in 2014. I've read quite a few guides and have encountered conflicting info. I'm hoping a few of you can chime in.

    My setup:
    Intel NUC (Haswell)
    Denon AVR 1713 (supports HD audio)
    (considering but not presently using) Reclock

    So I do have a few questions about my settings.

    madVR settings
    First, with respect to my madVR settings it appears that Haswell's HD 5000 does not support jinc3, so I have defaulted to Lanczos 3tap + AR for Chroma, Lanzczos 3tap + AR for Image Upscaling, and Catmull-Rom + AR and LL for Imade Downscaling.

    Is there a way to test for dropped frames/sluggishness or is this something you just recognize when you see it. The settings described above appear to work great. I definitely feel I notice a subtle (but nevertheless significant) improvement over the default settings in MPC-HC. Prior to acquiring the NUC, I had been using a slightly older PC and had noticed choppyness for the longest time. It was extremely subtle and my friends never really seemed to notice it but I could tell something was "off." It was particularly noticeable with avi/mp4 files (less so with large m2ts files I ripped myself) but since I upgraded to the NUC and madVR, I feel I haven't noticed whatever it was that was bothering me before.

    I guess what I am asking is how can I objectively confirm that I have the best settings my rig is capable of or is this ultimately a subjective exercise?

    LAV Settings in MPC-HC
    I've seen conflicting things about LAV. Should I have everything unchecked under the Transform Filters area or does this not matter? Is everything correct in the screenshot below for optimal settings?

    LAV Video Decoder Settings in MPC
    Factoring in that I am using Intel HD 5000, under the LAV video settings should I enable hardware decoding? Specifically, should I be using QuickSync here?

    LAV Audio + Reclock
    Under the LAV audio settings I presently have the audio set to bitstream. However, it's my understanding that Reclock could further boost performance but does not support bitstreaming HD audio. Is this still correct and is Reclock something I should add to the mix? If I should include Reclock in my setup, how do I go about doing this with madVR, LAV and MPC-HC while still maintaining HD audio.

    I'm really looking to do whatever I can to optimize performance on the Haswell NUC. If there is anything I've missed or if you have any suggestions/guides you can point me to, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks for helping a n00b. I'm gradually figuring all of this out.
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