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  1. When I had a Hauppauge WinTV 404, I would capture video through the 404 and audio through the sound card. I just installed a new Blackmagic Intensity Pro this morning and the video captures fine, but it's not capturing audio through the sound card and I can't find a way to switch the source to the sound card.

    The problem is that sometimes I record only audio with Audacity, or I might want to listen to some of Dish Network's SiriusXM music channels through my computer speakers, which just involves unmuting the line-in on the Windows Mixer. I don't want to have to slide around behind the computer to switch cables out every time I want to switch between recording video and audio or just audio. After all, I just also installed a front USB panel for my old Antec 1030SB case that has no factory-installed USB plugs on the front, and the whole reason I installed that is so I would no longer have to wiggle around behind the computer just to connect my cell phone, MP3 player or camera to a USB plug. I thought my trips to the back of the computer were over until I ran into this issue with the Intensity Pro.

    I've looked in the Blackmagic control panel and I've checked the settings in Media Express and I just cannot find a way to switch the audio source to my sound card. Where is it?

    Now if there is no way to change this, or even if there is, I should also ask this: If I connect the audio L/R RCA cables from the satellite receiver to the BMD Intensity Pro's RCA dongles for L/R audio, is that passed through to the sound card? Would I still be able to listen to audio only by just unmuting the Line In in the Windows Mixer?

    Updated computer details are in my profile, if needed.

    Thanks for reading!
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    You'd have to connect the audio outputs of the BMIP to the line in connection of the sound card. The BMIP only sends audio to it's own outputs during capture.

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  3. Okay, I'll try that and then return to give the results.
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  4. Okay, I connected the audio L/R RCA outputs of the satellite receiver to the L/R RCA inputs of the Intensity Pro. Then I connected the L/R RCA outputs of the Intensity Pro to a cable that has RCA L/R inputs and converges into a 1/8" stereo phono jack that will fit into the line-in of the on-board sound chip. Now I get no sound at all from the receiver, not even when capturing. I captured a short clip to see if the intensity pro was hearing anything that wasn't being sent to the speakers and it wasn't, so there's no audio being captured either.

    Also, I'm using the satellite receivers S-Video out to the two RCA component inputs meant for the S-Video adapter cable included with the card. Video is fine. There's just no audio.
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  5. Just another update: I had the wrong audio output cables connected before so I connected the correct ones. Now I can see an audio meter jumping up and down in Media Express, but I hear no audio during the capture. After capturing again, I played the video and there was some sound coming out of the left speaker only, and it was faint. I had to turn my speakers all the way up to hear what they were actually saying.
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  6. Actually I just now noticed that only the left channel meter works. Somehow I managed to get audio through the speakers, but Media Express has to be running AND in focus to either hear the audio or see the video. This actually stinks and I'm hoping there's a way to fix that, too.
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  7. Okay, last update. It turns out that there was a broken wire in my old set of RCA cables. I replaced those and now I hear the sound and the audio captures. ...except when Media Express is not in focus.
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