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  1. I've got some poor clips, captured without a TBC.
    First i want to dejitter the clips.
    Is there a working plugin?
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  2. Which jittering is bothering you,

    1) the jittering of the moving text caused by encoding interlaced video progressively?
    2) the jittering (actually frame blending) of the interlaced ntsc-> interlaced pal->progressive pal conversion of the inset image?
    or 3) the jittering of the edges of the frame caused by not using a time base corrector in capturing?

    Each requires a different solution.
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  3. To de-jitter properly you need access to the analog video's horizontal sync pulses:

    So there are no good de-jitter filters that will work well after capturing a video (the vertical sync pulses are gone). The attempts that have been made look for where the video transitions from the black borders at the left and right edges of the frame to the active picture content. That means you have to have black borders at both edges and non-black picture content at the transitions. Your sample video doesn't have a black border at the right edge and often has black picture content near the edges. The existing de-jitter filters will likely make the picture worse, not better.
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  4. Ok, this are the answers that I think I will get.
    Thanks anyway.
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