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  1. According to VLC Media Player, my DVD (Elmo's World: Dancing Music and Books, released by Warner Bros in 2009) has a "spu" subtitle file. I've never heard of this, and my Sony DVD player doesn't recognize the subtitles at all. It is stream 0 of 4.. Stream 0 being the subtitles, 1 and 2 are MPEG 1/2 (mpgv) steams, and 3 is A52 audio (aka AC3). I don't know i any of that info helps, but I thought it might. If you need a screenshot of the codec info from VLC, let me know. If anyone knows if this is even a real subtitle file, or if every DVD has it, and how to extract it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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  2. SPU (Sub Picture Unit, I believe) is the usual subtitle format for DVDs. Every DVD players supports that as long as it's muxed into the VOB.
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  3. Have you tried the usual subtitle extraction methods, PGCDemux, VobSubConfigure, SubRip, etc.?
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  4. No subtitle streams showed up on my Sony DVP-SR210P DVD player. I pressed the subtitles button many times on my controller. They don't show up in VLC under subtitles either, although they do show up in the streams. Is this a DVD problem? The only thing I could think of is that maybe that's the buttons for the main menu. I haven't tried many subtitle rippers. I'll try SubRip first, then the others you recommended.

    EDIT: SubRip crashed, and I think I got PGCDemux to rip them. I'll come back with the results when they're done.
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    .spu are bitmap format ... two methods of extraction

    1: spuunmux ... part of dvdauthor

    2: vobsub filters ... a guide here
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  6. PGCDemux shows that it's ripping the subpictures, but there are no files in the directory I set up.
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  7. Originally Posted by Rugratskid View Post
    The only thing I could think of is that maybe that's the buttons for the main menu.
    It should be easy to check if the subs are menu subpics or not. PGCDemux can do it by ticking 'Menus' rather than 'Titles'. My guess is that if nothing plays any dialog subs, there aren't any to be found.

    Have you checked to see if they're closed captions? CCExtractor can get them if that's what they are.
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