I neeed help
i got 22GB disc
and using tsmuxer i want to replace 2nd one [same] track audio with diffrent language
source is 25fps
mine audio is Ac3 2.0 also 25fps
and on disc is DTS 2.0 also 25fps

also i wana add subtitles

everything is working besides 2nd audio track

once i even replaced track and subtitles with same name [language] as they are on beginning
but it was ended that and video started from 9 minutes

only problem i got with this 2nd audio track

i am using doom0 FAQ adding menu with subtitles
is TSmuxer not enough?

2nd audio track is needed original subtitles are OSD they are burned cant be turned off

subtitle to add are visible but still very hard to watch thats one i need to add 2nd audio.