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  1. In following Baldrick's guide, "How to add new subtitles to an existing DVD", one can see that he uses Subtitle Creator and Muxman. Somewhere there is a weak link here that makes fuzzy looking subtitles ( see screenshot 1) , but I can't figure out where the problem is. I know there is a problem, because if I use DVDFlick Version, the subtitles are much clearer ( see screenshot 2). In DVDFlick, the changelog says:
    Added: A completely new subtitle reader and renderer.
    The DVDFlick versions older than this also produced fuzzy looking subtitles.
    So my question is: is there a way I can use DVDFlick's method and take an existing DVD and add srt subtitles that are as clear as DVDFlick? In other words, can someone explain how to use DVDFlicks method to add subtitles to DVD? Presently, to get such clear subtitle, I turn the DVD into AVI, then use DVDFlick to turn back into DVD. This is wasteful, but the much clearer subtitles are worth it.
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  2. Originally Posted by jimdagys View Post
    I turn the DVD into AVI, then use DVDFlick to turn back into DVD. This is wasteful, but the much clearer subtitles are worth it.
    Only if you're making a lossless AVI from it. Otherwise that's a really silly thing to do (besides being 'wasteful'). Are you hardcoding the subs? If so, why? It looks like the first picture created subs for a 16:9 DVD and were burned into the picture that way. They're too narrow. If they're to be hardcoded, then create them for 1:1 display

    You didn't have any luck making decent subs using MaestroSBT?
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  3. I tried using MaestroSBT after my previous post, but the many different settings eluded me (even after reading your explanation) and I ended up with subtitles worse than what I got with Subtitle Creator. I always am attempting to use switchable subtitles (not burned in). In the above screenshot, the first screenshot is of the DVD made with srt>Subtitle Creator >sup/Muxman. Using Subtitle Creator to convert srt to sup, I don't see any settings ( to adjust letter thickness, letter size, etc). I just input the srt and save as sup, which is then put into Muxman.
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  4. Use a bigger font?
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