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  1. Great Tool, just need a little help. Is there anyway to set the ratio when encoding videos? I have HD videos that I want to encode to SD for mobile use. I want to set at 720 by X with the correct ratio of the movie. If the video is 2.35, then doesn't seem to be a way to keep that ratio.

    THX, JNT.
    For the love of God, use hub/core labels on your Recordable Discs!
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  2. I've never used MKVtoMP4 myself, so unless someone who has comes along.....

    As you're re-endoing, maybe try Handbrake/Vidcoder as they're pretty easy to use. They also have presets for some mobile devices, but even if you use the standard High Profile preset:

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    Anamorphic "none" resizes to square pixels. Modulus "2" will give you the most accurate resizing. If the "keep aspect ratio" box is checked, you can simply input the desired width and the correct height will be calculated for you. They'll encode using the x264 encoder and the output can be either MP4 or MKV.
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