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  1. Testing capture for converting home movie tapes: ATI MMC 9.02 using AIW Radeon 32. mpg2 files play fine with O!Play media player, but can not open with PowerDVD 11/12, WMC, mpc-hc, VLC or VideoReDo. Don't know much about codecs, but suspect this is issue. If so, am concerned that I'll be able to add a missing codec now, but how about in 4 years? Don't want to create orphans. If it is codec, where to find?

    Similarly, have created avi using huffyuv, but doesn't play anywhere. Not sure if there's a way to "enable" huffyuv on any of my players/editors, but haven't yet googled it. Also have MPG Video Wizard, but not currently installed.

    Other than the UI, should there be any difference in the (huffyuv) avi output depending if I create with virtualdub or mmc 9.02?
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    Your Huffyuv AVI should work in MPC and VLC...

    Can you post sample clips for us to look at?
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  3. MPEG2 files should play in PowerDVD, use the open media file option. Huffy encodes won't play on most devices other than a computer. Check the user manual of the devices you plan to use and find a video format they all have in common; DivX (Xvid) and Matroska are the most popular.
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  4. nic2k4, I sure thought they should play too. Works ok on XP with PowerDVD 6, but not Win7/8 PowerDVD 11, etc. Didn't expect the huffy to work most places, but was hoping there might be a way to add the codec to something like mpc-hc or vlc just for my evaluation process. Testing avi in case I need to do real editing and not just snip/trim of the home videos.

    vaporeon800, will recapture some 10-20 sec clips from my various configurations and post tomorrow. Frustrating that I can't use an editor
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  5. There has to be something seriously wrong on the MPG files, at least two of the players you tried have their own, built-in MPG2 codec. Make sure you reboot, copy the file to a USB stick, try in another PC, etc. I'm thinking maybe some prog has the file locked somehow.

    I haven't captured on Win7 but the files created play just fine on a win7 PC.

    Did you get any error msg or what exactly happened with the failure to play?
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    You can't add codecs to VLC. It comes built with all the codecs it needs. Generally speaking, if VLC can't play your files, they are seriously messed up. You should probably install MediaInfo and use it to open one of your problem files and post the information it gives you back here.
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  7. Dutifully built new, small clips for posting; of course all of the mpg tests played everywhere. Went back to "defective" clips - now they play too. Maybe cable to external drive not fully connected? Captures & tests were done on New Year's Eve. The video gods were pranking? Write it off as Newbie panic attack. Am posting my clip tests on a new thread for opinions.

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