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    One of my favourite movie series is available in avi/xvid format and playable so far with subtitle and quite good quality.
    E.g. Video Info

    Size........: 349MB
    ratio.......: 16:9
    resolution.........: 640 x 352
    runtime............: 41 minutes
    bitrate............: 1055 kbs
    VIDEO FPS..........: 25.00 FPS

    audio..............: 116 kbs Mp3

    codec..............: XVID

    Now I have the next season in mkv format (not supported) and encoded h264 (not supported by player) the quality is
    very good but can be played only just on PC. I want to burn onto dvd disc in avi/xvid wiht audio in mp3.

    Mkv file video information
    Size........: 413MB

    Video..... : X264 @ CRF 19

    Frame.Rate..: 23.976

    Resolution..: 720x404

    Audio.......: AAC LC 2ch 48.0 KHz

    runtime............: 42 minutes

    I want to keep the best video quality as possible even if the size would be larger (lets say 413 -> 450-550).
    I am not an expert and can convert to the appropriate format it but the quality is poor in some scenes (e.g the actors run and fight meanwhile the camera is moving a lot)
    When I convert it to avi/h264 the Gspot says bitrate 1228kbs.

    How to set the xvid conversion parameters to get the closest quality as original source?
    I think the most important values of resolution and bitrate.
    I try to set of these to 720x404/1300kbs ....
    I dont know the bitrate should be increased when resolution is decreased/increased or the resultion should be changed at all?

    ( If I want it to see on a tablet 1280x800 the problem is the same with the bitrate settings while converting it to mp4 )

    Any idea or recommendation would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Try use constant quality/quantizerr encoding if you don't need an exact size. Use same resolution.

    I use xvid4psp 5 for avi xvid conversion. Use the avi hardware preset. Click on it for some guides.
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