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  1. Hi,

    I just bought pioneer BDP 160 Region A. which i want to make region free.

    please help me with it.

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    Most BluRay players from region A can't ever be unlocked. Period. In fact most BluRay players everywhere can't be unlocked, but the situation is especially bad in region A. Very likely an unlock code does not exist for your player.

    Some sellers like
    sell hardware modified BluRay players that can be unlocked, but these modified players can only be bought from them and they cost more. Among off the shelf/can buy in stores BluRay players, the only ones in region A that I ever heard of that could be unlocked by a code after you bought them were:
    Momitsu (left the North American market years ago)
    Insignia (only applies to one or two no longer produced models from 2+ years ago)
    Philips (only allowed DVD region free playback but did NOT convert PAL to NTSC, so this was a big problem for a lot of people and even this was only in a few models they sold)
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    Google found this thread where someone said the hack worked on a BDP 160 as well as the BDP 150, but they were region B to begin with. Use at your own risk.

    [Edit]The hack is only for DVD. Most Blu-Ray players that can be made region free either by the owner or a specialty retailer can only be made region-free for DVD.
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