I'm primarily looking for FREE servers which are reliable in detecting & working with RTMP streams moreso than the two I already have

I have Serviio & TVersity but they aren't anywhere near 100% reliable (Especially Serviio which isn't very reliable of adding streams even when you have it scan every minute). I'm also familiar with Orb but it's gone belly up (Merged with somebody. That's all their site says on the subject) & Plex (Which is well.....umm.....PERPLEXING to say the least)

The reason I say this is because I use Serviio & TVersity to stream online content to my TV via my Playstation 3 but MANY URLs use the RTMP protocol rather than HTTP & M3U8 which Serviio & TVersity both handle very well (Though Serviio still hasn't added all of them that I know are in the library for some odd reason)

So now I'm asking here if anyone knows of other such servers which Wikipedia doesn't yet know about

Any other features it has is sinmply extra cherries on the sundae

Any ideas peoples ??