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    I am using a One-For-All URC-7950 to attempt to unlock a Panasonic DMP-BDT330. I have tried the hacks posted for the DMP-BDT220, DMP-BDT310, DMP-BDT320 but none of them work.

    I am using codes:
    1. 00191 = ENTER
    2. 00120 = 6
    3. 00065 = >=10
    4. 00180 = <<
    5. 00143 = Service Key
    6. 00155 = AUDIO
    7. 00122 = 8
    8. 00117 = 1
    9. 00129 = SUBTITLE
    0. 00123 = 4

    I have checked and re-checked the storage of these codes several times and am 99.9% sure they are stored in the OFA remote successfully.

    The problem is that they don't seem to work. The first code, 00191 ENTER, just performs the ENTER function on the BDT330 home screen and takes you between the top level Home screen and the Setup screen below it. It doesn't matter which screen I start on, the sequence has no effect, it just takes me from Home to Setup or from Setup to Home. The rest of the sequence has no effect.

    Can anyone please shed light as to whether the hacks published for the other players in the BDT2xx and BDT3xx series work for the BDT330, and if so, what I am doing wrong?

    Thanks very much.
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    Sometimes people post hacks that leave out critical information such as the fact that you need to push a certain key after entering a number. I'm not saying this happens a lot, but it happens. Other possible problems are that your model can be unlocked, but only if it is sold in another part of the world like Australia or that your model could be unlocked in the past, but recent firmware updates now break codes that worked in the past (this happens all the time). Also, your model is a 330 and the fact that other models could be unlocked and perhaps still can in no way means that your model can also be unlocked. The vast majority of BD players sold in the world CANNOT be unlocked. We have had reports of manufacturers where player A can be unlocked, but player B by the same manufacturer cannot be unlocked. Good luck but you probably won't be successful in this quest.
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  3. My bunch is if 220 electrocis is selling bp330 converted at a high markup it cant be hacked. They would never sell if it was easy to do yourself.
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  4. ... Hi guys, is here anyone who unlocked BDT330 ...
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