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    I have been asked to come up aith a way that we can set up a system for our church building. We have several tvs around the building. Plus we have a few projectors for sunday service. We would like to like them all together somehow where we can on channel 2 have a live feed from the sanctuary to the tv, we have a fouor camera system with mixing board, outputs and ready to go. Channel three be announcements running on a computer designated for that pourpose. Then have specific over the air channels for news and weather.Is there a piece of equipment that we can send selected material to and asign it a channel, then send it out to the tvs? Or is my only option to run VGA, RCA, Svideo and HDMI to every tv direct from our AV room to each tv and monitor?

    I know schools do something like this, I just need to know the type of equipment i am looking for... HELP

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  2. That indeed is possible. From the manner the post is stated it would infer that analog and SD broadcast type of the TV channels. If the intent is that manner, then all you need is equipment similar to what a hotel or simple cable system head end would use. If the intent is HD, then it gets somewhat more complicated.

    Take a look here for something in the SD type equipment. Four channels may be enough for what you want:
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