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  1. Hello !

    I've been searching for a while on how to use Avisynth to open live source.

    I found GraphStudio to create the GRF file that Avisynth can open, that's great BUT, Avisynth returns an error :

    DirectShowSource : couldn't set null sync source

    when i'm playing the .avs file. And when I use the preview from GraphStudio, well it works.

    Here's my Avisynth script :

    DirectShowSource("D:\tests\", audio=false)
    I also tried with the "framecount" parameter, but as far as I don't know the lengh of the clip (because it's live source from capture card) it's isn't usefull I think.

    I don't know what to do, that's why I'm asking you .

    I'm french, so sorry for my english, which might be hard to understand... :S

    Have a nice day !
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  2. Set framecount to a very high value. Like 9999999.
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  3. Same error :/, I'm trying other filter on the graph..
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  4. Try forcing the frame rate too. And disable seeking.
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  5. I've set :

    DirectShowSource("D:\tests\", fps=25.000, audio=false, convertfps=true, seek=false, framecount=9999999)
    but still the same error ...

    Edit :

    I've tried to open an mp4 file, so not from a capture device, and still, the same error.
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  6. Can Windows Media Player play the MP4 file on your system? Ie, do you have all the require DirectShow components to play the MP4? If not, don't expect DirectShowSource() to work with MP4. I don't know what else you can try with the grf source.
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  7. Yes I have the directshow filters, and the mp4 can be opened..

    I've tried with other filters but it doesn't seems to work.

    Maybe there's another way to open the file from my capture card, like in python or something?
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  8. I got the same error on a .grf file with an open audio pin, no open video pin and using DirectShowSource (..., audio = false).
    I could correct it by creating an open video pin in the .grf file (in my case, remove the last block, video renderer).
    Before this, I was not aware of the requirement below :
    "A given GRF file must only target one of an audio or video stream to avoid confusion when DirectShowSource attempts the connection to your open pin(s). This single stream restriction is enforced."
    found on this page :
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