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  1. I've been using potplayer for quite some time now with absolutely no issues but just bought a new laptop and am coming across a very odd issue that I am having difficulty fixing.

    Basically the video will not fill the screen and is stuck in the upper left corner. I've tried changing several settings but with no luck.

    Anyone ever seen anything like this? Pictures attached.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    If I am playing a 1080p video it is perfectly fine. Anything lower-res than that has this issue. Changing the aspect ratio stretches the video but it does for the entire video including the dark grey box where the video isnt filling to. Using pan & scan, it will zoom in but zooms in on the upper left box and doesnt fill any further.

    Any ideas? Any help is greatly appreciated!

    No clue why but if I open up potplayer.exe instead of potplayermini.exe it works fine. Suppose I could go in and change the file associations but still kind of odd.
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    Potplayer.exe??? I have only the Potplayermini.exe in the potplayer installation folder.
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    Check the default Aspect Ratio setting. Default for some reason is "free", which causes various display issues. Set it to "fit to video" which will display the video at it's encoded resolution. Or you can change the output to match the screen resolution.
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